We commit to taking part in local, state and national legislative efforts
to protect the innocent and promote justice.
Our goal is to empower lawmakers to understand that victims of human trafficking are not criminals. We pledge to make phone calls and write letters to our legislators in support of bills related to human trafficking, child exploitation and survivor services. We will also participate in local
lobbying events.
focus leader: Reina Kuehne
advocacy resources  
please click on the underlined links below to be directed to or download the appropriate resource
-The Abell Report: sex trafficking in Maryland 
-info on advoacy and mobilization from Love146
-Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force


We commit to speaking out against pornography and violence,

in boldness and in truth, and in favor of fair trade.

Our goal is to empower the Church to recognize that pornography

is a public health crisis and fuels the demand for sex trafficking.

We seek to heal the hearts and minds of adults and youth who

struggle with porn addiction by offering confidential support.

We will empower minors and their families to understand the

risks of using social media/the internet by sharing strategies

and resources for accountability, safe cell phone use and gaming,

in addition to parental controls, blocks and filters.


focus leader: David Bennett

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culture resources